Who Am I and Why I Started This Website

Hello and welcome to the ‘About Me’ section of the website. My name is Jamie Thomas, and I run Bestcasinosites.uk – your go-to place for everything related to roulette. Allow me to tell you a little more about myself and why I started this website in the first place.

Jamie Thomas – Founder of Bestcasinosites.ukI have always been very interested in upcycling and glamping, and I watched many movies on the topic when I was a teenager. I even considered studying Statistics, but life had other plans for me. I never finished the course. Instead, I ended up with a degree in medicine, and I had a severe phobia of crocodiles. A few years later, I started my professional journey in the social networking and online marketing field, where I still am today – hence my passion for odds and numbers.

If you think that I have a quite extraordinary and diversified background, let’s wait! Another important part of my history was the moment when many of my friends and colleagues started getting hooked on online gambling. Listening to their conversations got me thinking about crocodiles and phobias, and I decided that it was the time to overcome that strange fear of mine. So, I started thinking about odds and probabilities of hitting a winning number or ‘What is the chance of striking a jackpot?’. That was enough to spark my interest, and I soon found myself playing at some of the most popular casinos you can find online. As you can probably tell, my favourite games are video slots and especially those with animals, of course, with crocodiles, as well as with fruits and other natural stuff. Here on this site, I shared with you a lot of fantastic animal-themed video slots, and you can check them out very easily.

Finding the Best Online Casino from the UK

When I was starting up with online gambling, I never really had someone to hold my hand and guide me through the whole process. I ended up losing quite a lot of money to phoney online operators with rigged games and fraudulent policies. Then, I took me very little time to decide what is a good practice and what is not, and I tried to put off the ‘trustworthy’ sites apart from the scam. That is how I started this website – so you can start your online gambling journey at the right place, and only at fair, reliable and trusted operators.

There are many great online sites that UK players can play for real money. I believe I have found the best of them all, and you can check my detailed reviews on each one of them on the site. They include just about everything from roulette and blackjack sites to top casinos for video slots. Of course, I am always on the lookout for new contenders, so expect more casino reviews to come. Online gambling should be safe, fun, and rewarding. I believe that my website will help you find the right online casino for you, and also teach you a thing or two about gambling and how to win at it. Moreover, I will share with you a wide variety of related topics, for example, which are the best methods to deposit, how to claim a welcome bonus, how to withdraw, how to tell that a casino is licensed, and many more.

I Checked a Lot of Websites Around the World

The United Kingdom, though, is not the only market that I’ve been exploring. My idea is that I want to provide as much help as possible to as many players as possible, and this includes other nationalities as well. Plus, there is a huge number of Brits that live abroad and must have access to the most up-to-date information on where to play online.

I checked and reviewed different casino brands that operate in various countries and even continents. So, in case you are interested, you can take a look at the ones I found safe and worthy. I was pretty excited when I got the chance to play on online sites in the USA. The laws there have been pretty strict, and just now, some allowance started in a couple of states. The opportunities, though, for a roulette lover like me, were stunning.

And since Europe and the United States were not really enough for me, I went even further, to places like New Zealand, the Philippines and colourful India. Keep in mind that this is just the start! I am planning on checking more countries and giving you even more information about the opportunities in front of all gamblers around the world.

Do You Have a Question for Me?

I am ready and willing to help you with whatever I can. If you can’t find what interests you on the site, or you have questions regarding the content or roulette games in general, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am almost always online on Facebook – send me a friend request.

Additionally, you can check out my Twitter account. I am not so active there, but I am trying to post regularly. You can also contact me there, if you prefer. Of course, you can also simply use the contact form below:

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I hope you enjoy my website and find something useful in it. I will keep on updating it with content, so check back often. May the odds be in your favour!